The unpaid internship/graduate application process.. in gifs

Have you applied for internships? Work experience? Finished uni and now trying to find a real job that doesn’t involve stupid coffee orders and hair nets?

If you’re lucky, you can walk straight into a job with no dramas. If you’re me, you’re going to go through something along these lines:

First – The Unrealistic Optimism









Then there’s the mind-numbing study







And you’ve probably got an unrealistic expectation of your skills






You spend your time subconsciously sizing up other interviewees and your competition:








And you’ll be rejected from an unpaid internship/work experience … wait for it…  for ‘not having enough experience’








A totally logical response…

Which is followed by this:








Because I’m still not sure that makes any sense.

Followed by:








And there’s usually some emotional eating and drinking:






You realise you’re going to have to hold onto that hospitality job for a bit longer than you thought…







Then there’s the ordeal of  hearing other people talking about their offers:











Poor Gretchen. I feel your pain.

And hearing about them lament about ‘which’ offer to accept. Goddammit Harry!





Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter. It is September after all…

You try to be happy for your friends:






But then you get carried away with rants like these:

“What’s so great about Caesar? Hm? Brutus is just as cute as Caesar. Brutus is just as smart as Caesar. People totally like Brutus just as much as they like Caesar…







Caesar probably had an uncle in a gigantic firm too. Dammit Caesar!

Your parents try to be supportive… but this just doesn’t get you over the line:








Until then – this is just about how I feel:












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